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The Naked Weird ManoH Calendar

May 2018

Latino Books Month

ManoH is an all voluntary staff consisting of 4 board members and over 400 members.  While we would like to post photos from our members and events, many of our members require discretion and privacy because they might be "in the closet" gays or have jobs with a great deal of visibility.  Additionally, there are copyright issues and other legal requirements requiring signed waivers in order to post them. 

Instead of all of those complicated issues just to be naked, we're keeping it simple. We put some nude photos on the website that you can view without the worry of running into them at a restaurant, grocery store or at your brother-in-laws wedding.  We have photos that correlate to awareness or theme days. Just smile, sit back and enjoy the pictures.  Remember boys, the scroll pad or mouse only requires one hand. 

May 14 - 20

National Transportation Week

May 14

Accounting Day

May 15

Straw Hat Day

May 16

National Piercing Day

May 17

Same Sex Marriage Day

May 18

National Bike to Work Day

May 19

National Learn To Swim Day

May 20

National Rescue Dog Day

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