Becoming a Member

If you want to become a member and attend an event, you must join.  Joining is not complicated, just complete the application and attach a photo.    Please read the RULES Page before joining.    You must be a male.  You must be nude, no clothing is allowed at any event.   You don't have to be gay, but you must be gay friendly.

Still have questions?  Email us (see the button on bottom of the page) and ask us.  Your membership information is never shared with anyone. 

Benefits of Membership

No physicals required (ManoH will provide physicals on request)    Nude play   Make friends    No uniforms    No clothing    No fashion worries     No card to carry (just your ID)    No member number to remember    No meetings to attend    What you see is what you might get 

ManoH asks for the following:

Read the Facts page

Abide by ManoH Rules of Engagement.  

  1. No clothing is allowed (including towels) to cover yourself.

  2. NO illegal drugs at any ManoH event.

  3. No smoking except in designated smoking areas.

  4. Cell phones must be placed in your bags.

  5. No photos may be taken.

  6. Consensual sexual activity is permitted. “NO” means “NO”.

  7. No refunds if you cancel or no show at the event.

  8. Be respectful of the premises and personal property of the host.

  9. Leave valuables at home.

  10. Check in with ManoH when you arrive at an event.

  11. Bring your own beverage.

  12. Bring a snack to share with others

  13. Bring your own protection, lube (NO silicone lube) or toys.

  14. Notify us if you decide to cancel.  

Email us by selecting the button