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"Be Cool" Rules

Please read and understand these rules before attending an event.

Also be sure to read the

Words About Consent below.

A Private Men’s Club


ManoH Rules


You’ve already read this once, but it’s important enough to say again! Privacy is expected and protected at ManoH.  ManoH keeps a firm grip on our members, so rest assured that our membership list, as well as information about individual members, is never given to anyone, not even to other members. What goes on at ManoH events is private and we expect our members to keep it that way.  If you want contact information for someone you meet at an event, ask that person at the event. ManoH will not release anyone’s personal information, for any reason.



ManoH is a nudist group, first and foremost. Nudity is mandatory at ManoH events. No clothes, no jocks, swimwear, shorts, harnesses, towels, tank tops, nothing. Naked as the day you were born. Period. No Exceptions. 



“Play” covers a wide range of activities and can often be sexual in nature. You will encounter various types of play at ManoH events. If you aren’t interested in a particular form or style of play that you encounter, it’s ok to say NO! 



Regardless of the form that it takes, all play MUST be consensual. No means NO and we mean it. Anyone found to have violated the consent rule at any ManoH event will be asked to leave and their membership will be revoked. Don’t be a dick. Always ask for consent. ManoH volunteers are at all events, so please immediately bring these issues to their attention. Volunteers can be identified by their event wristbands.

ManoH reserves the right to determine appropriate and inappropriate behavior, to remove anyone from an event and to suspend or terminate their membership.


Events are dependent on members volunteering to host.  It could be your home, a hotel room, or another location suitable for an event.  Hosts are reimbursed for their expenses.  Please contact us if you are interested in hosting.  All ManoH members will greatly appreciate it!


Members will receive an invitation by email about 10 days before each event.  Click the "Attend Event" button in the email.  Please check your inbox and junk mail/spam folder for emailed invitations and confirmations. 

We do NOT sell tickets at the door.  Tickets are ONLY sold online, in advance, on a “First come, First served” basis. Each event requires a membership fee that is valid for that event only, plus an entry fee.  Both of these fees usually total around $20.00.  Members MUST purchase their own ticket. Tickets are NON-TRANSFERABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.



There are no refunds unless ManoH cancels the event.  



Guests are NOT allowed. 


ManoH does not maintain a Wait List.  

You will receive the details and address of the event location with your ticket purchase confirmation.  Many ManoH events have limited or restricted parking.  Please try to carpool, Uber/Lyft or take the bus when possible


Check in with ManoH when you arrive at an event.   Government issued photo ID is required upon check-in.  You MUST check-in between 7:00pm and 8:00pm.   If you arrive after the check-in period is over, you will NOT be allowed into the event.  See the event invitation and confirmation for check-in details.

Towels are not provided at any ManoH event.
* Bring a towel

* Use your own towel if you shower at the event
* Always sit on a towel
*  Don't sit on someone else's towel
* Don't use a towel to save a seat

Toward the end of every event, some help cleaning up will be greatly appreciated.  Please see the host or ManoH check-in person and ask if you can help.

These “BE COOL RULES” always apply:

•    Strip down completely. Complete nudity is required by every attendee.  No masks, jockstraps, swimwear or harnesses.  Naked.

•    Bring a back pack or bag for your belongings.  Do not bring valuables to any event.  ManoH is not responsible for theft, although we have never had anyone steal anything.

•    Cell phones must be placed in your bag, left at home or in your car.  No photos may be taken at any event.

•    It is traditional for each attendee to bring a small food item to share.   Please bring non-perishable foods and snacks.  Some events are catered by the host and there is no need to bring a snack to those events.  Please see your invitation email for this info.

•    Bring your own beverage.  Beverages are not usually provided.  

•    Good hygiene is essential. Please clean up and out BEFORE you arrive. Clean out facilities are not available at any event.

•    Bring your own protection, and lube.  Please no silicone lube, it's too hard to clean up.  Also,  bring a towel to all events for you to sit on, for cleanup and drying off if you shower.

•    No illegal drugs. You will be asked to leave.

•    No fall down drunks.  If you arrive intoxicated or become intoxicated at an event, you may be asked to leave.

•    No smoking or vaping at any Manoh event, even on a lanai.  Exception: An event at a house may have a designated outdoor smoking area.  Please check with the host.

•    We are not the sex police, however, please inform a ManoH volunteer of any consent violations.

•    No attitude. ManoH events are open and friendly.  Everyone gets to be appreciated, and be affirming of each other. Be respectful and remember that NO means NO.  

•    No loud talking in play areas.  Silence is suggested to maintain the mood.  Sexy or "hot" talk is permissible when and where appropriate.

•    Be respectful of the event venue and its contents. This is a private club. Be respectful of the personal property of the host, as well as the building, grounds, or hotel room.

•    Keep the noise down so we don’t disturb the neighbors.

•    ManoH does not share your information with others.  If you wish to hook up later, please do that on your own.  Please don't ask ManoH for the name or contact information of any attendee. What goes on at ManoH events is private. Please respect all members’ confidentiality.

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