Manoh Events 2022

September 2022 Update:

Throughout the entire Covid-19 pandemic, ManoH’s primary focus has been the health and well-being of all members. The board has closely followed all public health advisories at both the state and national levels and when it has been relatively safe to hold an event, ManoH has done so. The board has consistently erred on the side of caution, following the old adage of “Better safe than sorry.”  

ManoH is extremely mindful of the multiple ongoing health crises and in both considering feedback from ManoH hosts and in an effort to lower the risk to event attendees, the board has made the determination that ManoH events will now require ALL attendees to be fully vaccinated for Monkeypox.

All attendees will be required to show original proof of a fully-completed course of Monkeypox vaccination, at the door, before being allowed to enter any event. 

Any attendee who has not completed the full course of vaccination for Monkeypox—full course means last dose no less than two weeks (14 days) prior to any ManoH event— or who cannot provide original proof of complete vaccination, will be denied entry to the event.

DO NOT purchase a ticket to any ManoH event if you will be unable to provide original proof of vaccination at the door. 


“Original proof of vaccination” is the paper vaccination card from DOH or your local provider.


ONLY ORIGINAL PROOF OF VACCINATION CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED—no paper copies, digital copies, JPG’s or other facsimiles.


As always, there are NO REFUNDS for ManoH events.

To find a vaccination site near you:

August 2022 Update:

There is much concern about Monkeypox and where/when to get vaccinated.


The Hawaiʻi Department of Health has received its allocation of JYNNEOS monkeypox vaccine from the Strategic National Stockpile and will continue to receive allocations as supply becomes available.

Demand is expected to outpace Hawaii’s extremely limited supply, and DOH is currently offering the vaccine to those at the highest risk of being exposed to mitigate the spread of monkeypox.

People who are currently eligible for the JYNNEOS vaccine include Hawaiʻi residents 18 and older who meet one of the following criteria:

Contact to a confirmed case(s): Direct contact with a person with a monkeypox infection in the last 14 days

Post exposure prophylaxis: Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men and transgender individuals with high risk intimate contact in the last 14 days in venues (sex-on-premises events, bathhouses, sex clubs, or sex workers)or area (including Hawaiʻi) where monkeypox is known to be spreading.

Eligibility criteria may expand as more doses of the vaccine become available from the federal government.

Sign up for appointments at: 

or call (808) 586-4462

July 2022 Update:

We LOOOOVE that so many members and their members are excited and looking forward to another event, but our volunteers ask that you please refrain from emailing ManoH to ask when the next event will be held. Scheduling events is entirely dependent on host availability AND the current public health situation. ManoH takes your health and safety seriously.

Rest assured that once the next event is scheduled, ALL members will receive an email invitation roughly 10-12 days before the event.

Mahalo nui for your kokua!

ManoH is now on Twitter!   Click the button at the bottom of the page to follow us for news, updates and really hot men!!!  

June 2022 Update:

ManoH held an amazingly fun and capacity-filled event on May 28.

Both the venue and the host were incredible, as always. This host's events have proven to be one of ManoH’s all-time favorites and always reach capacity quickly!  


All members will receive an invitation to the next event once it is scheduled.



April 25, 2022 Update:

A good time was had by all at the WELCOME BACK PARTY in WAIKIKI. New very qualified and motivated men are now ManoH core volunteers. Hosts are also ready to share their homes and resources for events to be planned soon.

All ManoH members will receive an invitation by email when the next event is available. We love showing all of you a great time and look forward to many more fun events in the future.

Age 21+ male visitors, residents and military are welcome at ManoH events.
Event tickets include an event membership fee and are sold on a

first come, first served basis until the event is full.
Please click on the "Attend Event" button in the event email that all members receive for each event.

Event check-in with government issued photo ID is required.

Mahalo for your kokua! Hope to see you there!

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