Get Naked!


About Manoh


The name ManoH is an acronym for "Male au natural of Hawaii." 

ManoH is an all male NUDIST Private men’s club that provides a venue to enjoy the company of men while nude.  ManoH is non-profit. Proceeds are given to hosts and used to maintain operations such as the website and Eventbrite invitations.   Occasionally funds are given to LGBTQ non-profit organizations.

Manoh Membership


Manoh, was created in 1981 and is still active and growing today. New members are always welcome!  To become a ManoH member, simply complete the "I want to Join" application on the MEMBERSHIP PAGE. Also please see the RULES PAGE for guidelines and more information before you join.
We keep a firm grip on our male members.  The member list is never given to anyone.  Privacy is expected and respected in ManoH.  We never give out information about members to other members, or anyone else. What goes on at Manoh events is private. Please respect all members’ confidentiality.




Wearing of clothing is exclusively a human characteristic. In some circumstances, a minimum amount of clothing or none at all may be considered socially acceptable, while in others much more clothing is expected.  In ManoH the requirement is NO clothing. Period.

What is "Play"


Play is a range of activities associated with recreational pleasure and enjoyment.  It can occur at any life stage.  Play is relaxed, free-spirited and spontaneous.  Play can be sexual and must be consensual.